Soundelux USA products:
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  • Overview: Affordable price point / top quality microphones, hand made in the USA. David Bock, founder and president since 2007 is a long-time studio tech by trade who was the chief tech at Ocean Way, Hyde Street and Hit Factory during the heyday of the 80s and 90s. His work included maintaining and repairing a massive collection of vintage studio microphones, used daily for client's recordings. Understanding how a vintage microphone works and why it sounds that way is the key to David's precision in pro audio, engineering ability, and studio perspective. Soundelux and Bock Audio are both owned and managed by David.

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Currently available Soundelux products:

FET and tube condenser microphones:

  • U195:

    Large diaphragm condenser (solid state) Cardioid microphone.

    Our opinion: A true all rounder large diaphragm FET mic. If you don't need more than the popular Cardioid pattern, the U195 will shine on pretty much anything as it has a typical LDC voicing but without any harshness, mud or midrange honk. Unusual wide bandwidth and low noise for a transformer based design. The FAT mode gives the impression of having more proximity effect than a typical Cardioid condenser, not much different from the low end boost of a ribbon mic used up close.

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    • Overview:
      The SOUNDELUX USA U195 is a custom built, hand made, cardioid pattern phantom powered large diaphragm FET microphone. In designing the U195, David Bock set out to create an extreme value in studio mics that could satisfy a wide range of demands for highly experienced engineers that own many more expensive microphones, yet need additional mics within a budget. It delivers superb results on lead vocal tracks as well as in instrument and guitar amp use, providing remarkable fullness and presence with exceptionally low background noise for a transformer output design.

    • History:
      All versions: Single FET modified U87 circuit. Cardioid only mic with k67 copy capsule. The original Soundelux U195 model was produced 1997-2006. Later U195 models were sold under the Bock Audio brand (Chrome head basket). During the first few years a Reichenbach 10:1 xfmr was used, later a Cinemag, then later the ratio changed to 8.5:1 which resulted in a gain improvement without loss of bandwidth. Latest (current) version re-introduced under the Soundelux brand in 2016, with a new and improved capsule and Cinemag output transformer and a nickel finish head basket.

    • Amplifier Controls:
      • "fat/norm" bass contour switch: The Mode switch offers two modes of operation, FAT and NORM. FAT is a low end boost between 10Hz and 400Hz for that distinctive sound of older tube classic cardioid condensers. NORM is extended flat response with slightly elevated high end typical of FET condensers. The switch manipulates the negative feedback built into the circuit; in FAT mode, mid-to-low frequency negative feedback is reduced.
      • "locut": rumble filter switch: -10dB@30Hz relative to 100Hz.
      • "pad": -10dB (non-capacitive pad; it works by changing the polarization voltage of the capsule).

    • Specifications:
      • Pattern: Cardioid.
      • Frequency Range: 20Hz to 16kHz, +/-2dB.
      • Sensitivity: 8mv/Pa (-42dBm @ 94dB SPL).
      • Equivalent Noise: 12dB (A weighted) 23dB (unweighted).
      • Distortion vs.SPL @1kHz (increasing distortion is exponential, complex 3rd harmonic):
        • 126dB = 0.5% THD
        • 127dB = 1% THD
        • 129dB = 2% THD
      • Impedance: 200 Ohms true transformer balanced.
      • Recommended load: >2k Ohms.
      • Output connector: 3 pin XLR, Pin 2 hot.
      • Dynamic range (max SPL - "A"noise): 111dB.
      • S/N (94dB-noise): 82dB A, 71dB unweighted.
      • Capsule size: 1 diameter, dual symmetrical backplate K67 type.
      • Power consumption: 0.5mA @ 48Vdc.
      • Amplifier type: Minimalist Class A fet/transformer, no switching supplies or oscilators.
      • Dimensions: 2 dia x 7.7 L. (50x195mm).
      • Weight: 1lb 9.6oz (1.6lbs) = 725g.
      • Shipping weight: 2 lbs.
      • Power Supply: user provided Phantom Power @ 48V per DIN 45 596/IEC268-15A. Please note that a minimum of 48V is strongly recommended.
      • Supplied in its padded cardboard box with a swivel mount (see photo).
    Price: 1200 Ex VAT.

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