MBHO products:

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  • Overview: Herbert Haun has been established in Obrigheim since 1962. The development and manufacture of high quality microphones was and is the essential motivation of all people associated with MBHO. 95 % of each product is actually handmade. In the past the MBHO microphone factory had been associated with the well known MB QUART company. MBHO's chief engineer, Manfred Schneider, was involved for a long time with the famous Dr. Schoeps.
  • Note on the specifications below: The official MBHO / Haun website is outdated and shows obsolete values - we did our best to obtain accurate data on the current models, which we show below.
  • Note on special orders: MBHO / Haun items not listed here can be special-ordered but as they often need to be manufactured on order, lead time can be anything from one to 4 weeks.
  • Note on stereo matching: We insist on ordering pairs of complete microphones or capsules as matched pairs from MBHO, systematically. This guarantees proper matching for stereo use. Please keep this in mind when ordering: capsules and mics ordered singly at different times may not be perfectly matched.
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Currently available MBHO products:

Microphones and accessories proudly made in Germany:

  • MBD 219 Series (complete microphone):

    Dynamic microphones for stage and studio use.

    Our opinion: Surprisingly clear, clean dynamic without the typically heavily coloured midrange of such designs. It has a healthy sensitivity and is equally at ease in the studio or on stage. Slight compensation for proximity effect makes it perfect for spot/solo close- mic'ing. Impressive construction and size.

    • YouTube video: 219C (Cardioid): Yori Swart - Bonfire live @ Roodshow Late Night, Live take, thanks Sam Jones for the link: Click here

    • Overview:

      With more than 30 years of experience manufacturing high-end condenser microphones, MBHO saw the need for a similar "no holds barred" approach with a dynamic line. The rules here call for linearity without high frequency peaks, minimum proximity effect, high directivity and reduced handling noise. To this end a hand-optimized aluminum housing with the further advantage of internal shock mounting are used. The surface of the microphone is finished in non-reflective Nextel. Extreme high quality in fit and finish denote this product from the competition. MBHO offers the MBD 219 series in two models, the MBD 219 C - Cardioid and the MBD 219 SC - Supercardioid (almost Hypercardioid, very focused). Sold in quality padded carry case with a K&M clamp. The case can hold 2 microphones, or 1 microphone and its clamp.

    • Specifications:

      • Polar pattern: Cardioid / Supercardioid
      • Frequency response: Hz 50 - 16.000Hz / 40 - 20.000Hz
      • Sensitivity @ 1 kO at 1 kHz: 1,5 mV/Pa / 1,6 mV/Pa
      • Electrical impedance 200 Ohms
      • Connector XLR
      • Size each 200 mm x 51 mm
      • Weight each 295 g

    • MBD 219 C Cardioid: 295,00€ Exc. VAT / 356,95€ Inc. VAT. IN STOCK.
    • MBD 219 SC Super Cardioid: 295,00€ Exc. VAT / 356,95€ Inc. VAT. IN STOCK.

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    Modular condenser microphone system.

    Our opinion: A wide range of caspules and head-amps achieveing excellent performance. Perfect for high quality location recording and exemplary in the studio or any other recording environment. We have many satisfied customers in the Classical field using various setups. Typical German build quality at reasonable prices. Many quality accessories complete the lineup.

    • YouTube videos:
      • Pierre MATOT (comp.), Christ ist erstanden, played by Luc DE VOS in Saint-Vith. Recording with MBHO 603 mics with KA200 (Cardioid) capsules: Click here
      • Edouard SENNY (comp.), Vitrail pour Jeanne d’Arc, played by Luc De Vos in La Roche-en-Ardenne (Belgium), 2015. Recording with MBHO 603 mics with KA100D (Omni Diffuse Field) capsules: Click here

    • MBP (MBC) 604 + KA 200 combo field test in Mix Mag: Click here

    • Overview:

      Note: Due to the complexity of this range, please Email us to discuss your needs and more precise specifications based on specific combinations. This is a high quality modular system consisting of the MBC 603 or 604 FET transformerless headamp and a range of DC polarized capsules:

      • The highly efficient MBC 603 & 604 microphone amplifiers have a sophisticated circuit comprised of an audio amplifier and a DC converter. The transformerless circuit utilizes a symmetrical output stage for higher dynamic range, extremely low coloration and very low harmonic distortion. Operating voltages range from 16 to 48 V with stable results. The 604 is identical in performance to the 603 but is built using surface mount technology yielding a reduced length of only 80mm.
      • KA 100 DK: Omni Diffuse Field - with HF boost (>+6dB)
      • KA 200 N: standard Cardioid
      • KA 300 NB: broad (Sub) Cardioid
      • KA 400: Cardioid with LF cut & HF boost
      • KA 500 HN: Hypercardioid (linear response)
      • KA 800: pure Figure-8 (single diaphragm)
      • Head-amps sold in small wood case but without further accessories.
      • Note: MBHO Head-Amps fit the basic Line Audio clamp. Please sk for a quote.
      • Several MBHO accessories are also available, please below.

    • Specifications:

      • Frequency response: 10 -> 20.000 Hz (KA100); 40 -> 20.000 Hz (KA200); 20 -> 20.000 Hz (KA300); 50 -> 20.000 Hz (KA400); 40 -> 20.000 Hz (KA500); 40 -> 16.000 Hz (KA800)
      • Typical sensitivity (ie. 604 + KA200): 32 mV/Pa; -30 dBV
      • Typical equivalent SPL rated at DIN / IEC: 15 to 18 dB-A depending on capsule used
      • Max. spl at 1 kOhms: Minimum 130 dB SPL
      • Feed current: 4,5 mA
      • Electrical impedance: <200 Ohms
      • standard diameter 21mm
      • Connector: XLR

    • MBC 603 = FET Head-amp: 290€ Exc. VAT / 350,90€ Inc. VAT. SPECIAL ORDER ONLY.
    • MBC 604 = FET Head-amp (SMT): 330€ Exc. VAT / 399,30€ Inc. VAT. IN STOCK.
    • KA 100 DK = Omni Diffuse Field: 163€ Exc. VAT / 197,23€ Inc. VAT. IN STOCK.
    • KA 200 N = Cardioid: 163€ Exc. VAT / 197,23€ Inc. VAT. IN STOCK.
    • KA 300 NB = Wide Cardioid: 163€ Exc. VAT / 197,23€ Inc. VAT. OUT OF STOCK.
    • KA 400 N = Cardioid with LF cut & HF boost: 163€ Exc. VAT / 197,23€ Inc. VAT. IN STOCK.
    • KA 500 HN = Hyper-Cardioid: 220€ Exc. VAT / 266,20€ Inc VAT. OUT OF STOCK.
    • KA 800 A = Pure Figure-8: 440€ Exc. VAT / 532,40€ Inc. VAT. IN STOCK.

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  • MBP 603a (set):

    Modular remote system for KA range capsules based on active cable technology.

    Our opinion: The 603a allows MBHO 600 range capsules to be used very close to the source without signal degradation. Excellent craftmanship and performance. Handy when tight mic'ing spaces are met. One of the last few active cable systems on the market.

    • Overview:

      The MBP 603 A is a special version of the 603 head amp that allows remote placement of the microphone capsule from the amplifier. With capsules separated up to 20 m, an almost invisible microphone that shows no loss of audio quality is a reality and all MBHO KA range capsules are accepted. This advantage is needed in television and film production but also on stage and anywhere footprint counts: difficult mic placement around/in drumkits in studio comes to mind. The system includes the 603a head amp, capsule adapter and is supplied with a 3 meters mini-XLR cable and mini holder for mic stands (compatible with EU and US mic stands). Customized lengths are available upon request. Sold with wooden box for the head amp and holder. Separate components (holder, adapter, cable) also available on special order, please inquire.

    • Specifications:

      • Head amp performance: as 603 head amp.
      • Up to 20 meters between the capsule and headamp witout losses.
      • Electrical impedance: <200 Ohms
      • Phantom powering: 16-48 V
      • Feed current: 4,5 mA
      • Connector: XLR
      • Dimensions: 130 x 21 mm
    Price: 425,00€ Exc. VAT / 514,25€ Inc VAT.

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  • Accessories:

    Various accessories for 21mm body diam. microphones from MBHO and others. Highest quality, all hand made in Germany.

    Our opinion: Quality accessories for 21mm diam. microphones, made in Germany. NB: The DZ40 may not be compatible with other brands.

    • DZ40 Pad: -10dBs pad for MBHO 600 range microphones.

    • EA22: Efficient, solid, quality shockmount for MBHO condensers and other 21mm diameter microphones. Locking mechanism to clamp on the mic's body. Features a cable holder.

    • NB115 (=MB115): Very effective and transparent (Perlon) popfilter for MBHO condenser and other 21mm diameter microphones.


    • DZ40 Pad: -10dBs pad for 600 range mics: 57,00€ Exc. VAT / 68,97€ Inc. VAT. DISCONTINUED IN 2018.
    • EA22 shockmount: 117,00€ Exc. VAT / 141,57€ Inc. VAT. IN STOCK.
    • NB115 Perlon popfilter: 30,00€ Exc. VAT / 36,30€ Inc. VAT. IN STOCK.

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  • Jecklin & Schneider Discs:

    Discs for optimum stereo recording.

    Jecklin disc:

    Schneider disc:

    Our opinion: Well made, convenient discs for OSS recording. Reliable performance and easy operation: just add a pair of (typically Omni) microphones.

    • Overview:

      The Schneider disc is a variation of the Jecklin disc developed by Jόrgen Jecklin for his stereo microphone technique known as Optimal Stereo Signal (OSS). The idea behind OSS is to use a pair of spaced omnidirectional microphones approximately 6 inches apart (roughly the distance between the human ears) with a disc placed in between the spaced pair. Both models are covered with a thin layer of foam intended to absorb high frequencies - thus improving stereo separation between the microphones. The difference between the two types of discs is the foam sphere at the center of the Schneider disc, which reduces the amount of high-frequency energy reflected from the disc, and results in an increase of stereo separation. Below approximately 200 Hz, the Schneider disc has little (if any) effect on the stereo signal because the audio wavelength is large enough to bend around the disc, equally reaching both microphones. However as frequency increases above 200 Hz, the Schneider disc's foam sphere increases stereo separation between the spaced pair.

    • Specifications:

      • Diameter: 300 mm
      • Baffle thickness: 25 mm
      • Disc only weight (Jecklin): +/- 900g
      • Sold with 3/8-5/8" stand adapter
      • Sold with a pair of removable semi rigid clamps for 20mm diameter microphones

    • Jecklin disc: 145,00€ Exc. VAT / 175,45€ Inc. VAT. IN STOCK.
    • Schneider disc: 185,00€ Exc. VAT / 223,85€ Inc. VAT. IN STOCK.

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